We offer complete Architectural services to conceive, develop and execute your residential or commercial project. Below you’ll find an outline and brief description of the Services offered on a wide range of project types.

Initial Consultation

It’s Kim, Live and in person! I perform each & every initial consultation myself.  I’ll join you at home, business venue or prospective jobsite to discuss your project.  We’ll discuss how our menu of services can best meet your needs and goals.

Feasibility Study & Existing Conditions

Following our initial, on-site consultation we’ll research the permitted development, limitations & regulations associated with your property.  This will give us the foundations for exactly what can be accomplished in your project.

Schematic Design

These services include preparation of design documents based on existing conditions, zoning analyses and permitted improvements as recommended to achieve your design and improvement goals.  These drawings may include plans, elevations and preliminary project specifications.

Municipal Approvals

Municipal approvals refer to a City, Town or Village’s formal review process to determine the appropriateness of your proposed project. Approvals vary based on your jobsite location, but may include Architectural Review Board, Planning Board or Zoning Board Reviews. Most Boards are composed of volunteer residents and municipal staff.  Our services include preparation & filing of the necessary municipal applications, associated documentation & representation at scheduled hearings.  Associated amendments and resubmissions required per municipal review comments shall be provided within this scope of services

Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate (PCCE)

This service is offered following completion of schematic design drawings.  We issue these documents to one general contractor to obtain a preliminary construction cost estimate. This estimate will be evaluated with you & recommendations provided for pursuing subsequent phases of the project.  The primary goal of obtaining a preliminary construction cost estimate is to establish a rough estimate for your project before delving into the next project phases.  It’s also an opportunity to edit your project scope to meet your project budget.

Design Development

We will work closely with you and any engaged consultants to develop the building systems for the project.  We offer preparation of lighting, power, heating, cooling & ventilation schematics.

Finishes, Fixtures & Equipment

Projects requiring material, fixture & equipment selections will receive this level of detail based on a completed floor plan.  We’ll work closely to analyze the daily schedule of activities in each space for the selection of materials to suit these functions.  Selections will be determined with your participation.

Construction Documents & Permit Filing:

We will prepare a complete set of construction drawings and specifications sufficient for obtaining construction costs, filing for building permit and for construction.  Permit Applications shall be prepared & filed on your behalf.


We will offer you General Contractor (GC) references, issue bid documents, accompany GCs on field visits, respond to GC inquiries, and assist you in evaluation of bids and award of contracts for construction.

Construction Administration

This is a critical phase and a service too often excluded from an Architect’s contract.  To see your project succeed and provide a return on your investment we highly recommend you take advantage of our time & expertise throughout the construction phase, which can be catered to fit your budget.  We will review the schedule of construction operations and use this as a guide to monitor the project.  We will schedule critical inspections to determine compliance with the construction documents, answer field questions and provide periodic reports, as required.  This phase can be further expanded to include review of your contractor’s request for payments and punch listing to ascertain completion of the project.


As a cooperative businesswoman, I find it most effective to take on projects parallel with my expertise.  If upon review I find your project requires alternative services I will gladly refer you the appropriate Architect, Engineer or Designer.

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